easyQ is a unique grill plate made entirely of stainless steal that eliminates flare-ups and stops fat from clogging up your gas burners.

Its unique design makes the easyQ the ultimate solution to any gas BBQ.

Unique V shape design

easyQ has a unique V-shaped design that facilitates the drainage of fat and at the same time amplifies the taste by vaporising juices as they hit the hot channels, locking in the moisture and delivering an amazing BBQ falvour.

Great efficiency & a perfect sear

easyQ is designed to deliver superb even heat efficiency with a perfect restaurant quality sear marks like no other grilling surfaces.

Drip try

Cleaning is a breeze with easyQ because all the fats and juices run off into the convenient drip try at the front of the grill.

Sloping Design

The easyQ grill plates run at a slight angle to run juices and oils into the drip tray, saving your BBQ from a built-up of grease and preventing flare-ups.

and yes... it's silver!