Cook easier - no burning, no drips, no flare-ups and cleaning is a breeze. Change your old cast iron grill with an easyQ grill and start loveing your BBQ again.

easyQ is a unique grill that elimates flare-ups and stores fat that stops grease from clogging gas burners giving the ultimate flavor and experience to any BBQ.

- no more flare-ups

- no more thankless cleanings 

- Perfect food every time



Made entirely of stainless steel makes the easyQ the best surface to cook on. Easy to maintain, care free and will never rust.


The easyQ comes in one simple size and was designed to fit most of standard gas BBQ in Australia:

390mm width and 490mm deep,


Suitable BBQ's models

Here a list of most common barbeques in Australia which the easyQ is suitable for. Note that this is just a sample and not an exahaustive list. We strongly suggest that you check the depth of your existing grill plate before purchasing to make sure the easyQ will fit your BBQ.


Weber Genesis (not Weber Q)


Zieger & Brown RQT



Masport BBQ

all Barbeques Galore ranges

easyQ grill

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Cooking with a gas BBQ is riddled with problems. Horrible flare-ups, burned and charred food, followed by thankless and never ending cleaning. All this hassle prevents people from enjoying their BBQs to the fullest and sometimes stops people using their BBQ at all!

So to solve these issues we created easyQ, and there are five big reasons why we believe that easyQ is ultimate addition to any gas BBQ...


You don’t want flare-ups, they ruin the food and prevent even cooking. Having precise control over your BBQ’s heat helps you cook perfect, juicer and healthier food all the time, no matter what you put on the grill.

The key to every successful BBQ is avoiding flare-ups that happen when fat and juices fall onto the burners, charring and drying out the food while also making a huge mess! Our patented V-shaped grill design redirects fats and oils into a special drip tray, keeping fat away from burners, and eliminating flare-ups.


easyQ has a unique design that stores fat that stops grease from clogging up your gas burners.

Fat and oils slips through the V-shaped grill right into the drip tray at the front of the sloped grill saving your BBQ from a build up of grease.


Keeping the juices away from the burners makes cleaning easy, adds years to the lifespan of your BBQ and all while helping you to cook great food every time.

BBQ Grill plate

easyQ is made entirely of stainless steel which makes it the best surface for conducting the heat and because easyQ also distributes the heat more evenly, there are no hot or cold spots which are a common issue on gas BBQs.

The easyQ is a new way to cook with your gas BBQ, giving you fine control over the heat and allowing you to cook anything you want like a pro.
With easyQ you don't need to be a BBQ master to cook memorable and exceptional food. easyQ will do the work for you!

BBQ grill grate

Juices and fats that drip from the food onto the easyQ V-grill amplify your flavours and lock in the moisture, giving the food that distinct grilled flavour and restaurant quality sear marks.

BBQ grill plate

What is a BBQ if we don't have time to enjoy it with our mates or family? easyQ allows you to cook anything with ease. Now you can just sit back and enjoy the moment.

Customer comments

"We used to hardly use our bbq but since we were told about the EasyQ, we tried it and we've been bbqing heaps since. It's much easier to clean and cook compared to the normal grill. I mean seriously easier to clean!"