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Pork belly, beef brisket, roasted veggies and a few sausages

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

With the easyQ grill having an epic bbq is not that hard. What's on the grill? marinated pork belly and beef brisket, sausages and veggies (capsicum and onion). We had a memorable bbq, full of flavour and colour. Have a look!!!


1 Pork belly

1 Beef brisket

6 sausages (or as many as you want)

1 onion

1 capsicum

For the marinade: salt, oregano, pepper, olive oil, balsamic and lemon


1 - Preheat the BBQ to 150º

2 - Make some square cuts on the pork belly and the beef brisket, on the skin and on the fat side of each respectively

3 - For the marinade, put in a bowl all the ingredient. There isn't an specific quantity of each, so feel free and make it at your own taste.

4 - Place the pork and the beef in separate bowls with marinate and leave it rest for about 20 minutes.

5 - Place the meat on the grill, close the hod and open a red wine. Make a toast!!!

6 - Have a look occasionally and turn after roughly 20 minutes, then leave for another 20 minutes

7 - Note that the sausages and veggies will be ready first


Red meat goes extremely well with roasted onion and capsicum. The onion is quite simple, you can just peel it and leave it as it is. The capsicum however, require a little bit of preparation:

1 - peel it

2- cut it in half and remove the seeds

3 - cut each half in strings and place them in a small bowl with olive oil

4 - leave it rest and serve with the meat

Our tip!!

For a better result, we strongly recommend to close the hod and cook at minimum fire. This will cook the food to perfection with a very distinctive flavour!!!


Crispy skin pork belly, absolutely delicious

Juicy and perfectly cooked beef brisket... mouthwatering

Try it!!! and let us know how you went.