• easyQ

Dripping system in action

Everybody knows that cooking with a gas BBQ can be very frustrating and depending on your cooking skills... quite disappointing as well. 

Even if you are a "BBQ Master" that can cook about anything with ease... there is still a big issue associated with any gas BBQ that had not been resolved until now. That problem is the fat and juices, that no matter what you do or how you cook it will drip down clogging everything underneath.

easyQ is the only grill plate in the market that solves this problem collecting the fat and juices in a special drip tray situated at the front of the slopping grills. Fat and juices drain into this tray instead of dripping down saving your BBQ from a build up of grease.

In this quick video we are showing what happen with a grill before, during and after a BBQ.

With easyQ clean-up is very easy. You only need to clean the grill plates rather than the entirely BBQ.