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Quick start guide

Your easyQ grill

Your easyQ grill has three components:

Main frame

Ensembled fame.jpg

Drip tray

Fat collector.jpg

Grill plates

Grill plates 2.jpg

Assembly Instructions

Follow these simple steps to ensemble the main frame of your easyQ correctly:

1) Remove all components from the box

2) Mount the back support on the two flat profiles following the letters (A on A and B on B).

3) and use the nuts and bolts to join them

ensemble perfil to back support_edited.j

2 minutes intallation

1) Wash your new easyQ grill plates with soapy warm water before first use.

2) Remove your old BBQ grill top, and the burner hood (recommended).

3) Fit the easyQ main frame so that the 4 holes are raised up at the rear.

4) Instert the easyQ drip tray at the fron of the easyQ frame.

5) Secure the grill plates by aligning the pins located underneath with the 4 holes at the rear of the frame (on the back support)

grill on bbq1.jpg

easyQ looks like this when installed

Using & maintaining your easyQ

1) To clean you easyQ we recommend wipe down the grill plates after or before use with a stainless steel pot scrubber as shown in the picture. 

2) Never use water immediately after use as hot oils may be present in the drip tray which could produce dangerous sizzling.

3) Always keep children away from the BBQ while cooking.

4) For better results, we always recommend to close the range hood while cooking. This will not only increase the heat efficiency but also keep the smoke inside the cooking area amplifying the flavour and moisture. 

5) Please for more extra advise and suggestions visit our website www.easyqgrill.com.au/support

stainless steel scrub.jpg

Let us help you with your first BBQ!!

Beef, pork or chicken... pick the recipe of your like.

Easy to fit
easyQ is a revolutionary attachment that easily replaces the standard grill on your existing BBQ in seconds.
Easy to cook
easyQ allows you to cook anything with ease. Now you can just sit back and enjoy the moment.
Easy to clean
easyQ collects the fat in a special drip tray. Your BBQ is protected and easyQ makes clean-up a breeze.